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If you’re looking for an interesting and unique experience in Watamu, Kenya, the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is definitely worth a visit. The farm was established in 1980 by the late herpetologist, Bill Haast, and is now managed by his protégé, Royjan Taylor.

At the Bio-Ken Snake Farm, visitors can learn about the conservation of snakes and other reptiles, as well as see a variety of species up close. The farm is home to over 200 snakes, including venomous and non-venomous species. Visitors can observe snake feeding sessions and even hold some of the non-venomous snakes.

In addition to snakes, the farm is home to other reptiles, including crocodiles, tortoises, and lizards. Visitors can also learn about the farm’s research and conservation efforts, including the production of snake antivenom.

While the idea of visiting a snake farm may not appeal to everyone, the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is a great opportunity to learn more about these often-misunderstood creatures and the important role they play in the ecosystem.

If you’re planning to visit the Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu, consider staying at GK Palms Resort for a comfortable and convenient experience. The resort is located just a short distance from the farm and offers a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, on-site restaurant, and 10mbs unlimited wifi connection. Guests can relax in the resort’s spacious apartments and villas, all of which feature private balconies and modern furnishings. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just looking for a unique experience in Watamu, the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is definitely worth a visit.

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