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If you’re planning a trip to Watamu and staying at the GK Palms Resort, it’s important to consider what to wear during your stay. As a tropical coastal town, Watamu has a warm and humid climate, making it essential to pack lightweight and breathable clothing that is comfortable and suitable for the weather.

During the daytime, when you’re lounging by the pool or exploring the local beaches, it’s best to wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable. Cotton and linen shirts and shorts are great options for men, while women can opt for sundresses, skirts, and shorts paired with tank tops or light blouses. It’s also important to choose light colors that will reflect the sun’s rays, helping you stay cool and avoid overheating. Don’t forget to pack a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for extra sun protection.

When it comes to footwear, comfortable and sturdy sandals are a great choice for daytime activities. If you’re planning on exploring the nearby nature reserves or coral reefs, it’s also recommended to pack a pair of water shoes or reef walkers to protect your feet from sharp rocks or coral.

Evenings in Watamu are usually warm and humid, so it’s best to stick with smart casual attire. Men can wear dressy shorts paired with button-down shirts, while women can opt for sundresses or dressy shorts and blouses. Keep in mind that Watamu is a relaxed and casual beach town, so there’s no need to pack formal attire.

If you’re planning on visiting any religious sites, it’s important to dress modestly out of respect for local customs and traditions. This means covering your shoulders and knees, and avoiding revealing clothing such as shorts or tank tops.

When it comes to swimwear, it’s acceptable to wear swimsuits while lounging by the pool or at the beach. However, it’s recommended to cover up with a sarong, t-shirt, or cover-up when leaving the pool or beach area.

Overall, when staying at the GK Palms Resort in Watamu, it’s important to pack comfortable and modest clothing that is suitable for the tropical climate. With the right clothing and footwear, you’ll be able to fully enjoy all that Watamu has to offer, from relaxing on the beach to exploring the local marine life and cultural attractions.

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