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There are many Italians in Watamu, and this is because of the long-standing relationship between Italy and Kenya. During the colonial period, Kenya was a British protectorate, and Italy was not involved in the country’s governance. However, after Kenya gained independence in 1963, Italy established diplomatic relations with Kenya and opened its embassy in Nairobi. Since then, the two countries have maintained strong political, economic, and cultural ties.

One of the main reasons for the significant Italian presence in Watamu is because it is a popular destination for Italian tourists. Watamu’s white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and coral reefs make it a beautiful and relaxing place to vacation. Italians are particularly drawn to the area because of its warm climate and beautiful scenery, which reminds them of the Italian coastline.

Many Italians have also established businesses in Watamu, including restaurants, hotels, and shops. Some have even made the area their permanent home. The Italian community has created a strong bond with the local community and has contributed to the development of the area.

GK Palms Resort is one of the places where Italians and other tourists can stay while in Watamu. The resort’s staff is multilingual, and Italian is one of the languages spoken. The resort’s restaurant also offers a variety of Italian dishes, which are popular among Italian tourists.

In conclusion, Watamu’s strong relationship with Italy, coupled with its natural beauty and warm climate, has made it a popular destination for Italian tourists. The Italian community has made significant contributions to the area’s development, and their presence is evident in the various Italian businesses and restaurants. GK Palms Resort is one of the places where Italian tourists can stay while in Watamu, and the resort has embraced the Italian culture, making it a welcoming place for Italian visitors.

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